About Us

We are all connected. Never has that been more apparent than now. Even when we’re separate, we’re together in our efforts. Because of the current pandemic, we now have a greater responsibility to protect each other.

Infectious diseases have shaped human history and remain with us today, continuing to burden populations worldwide and threaten the global economy. Older adults and vulnerable populations are especially at risk. The current pandemic has affected more than 3 million people in the world, and yet, we have no clear cut solution at the moment.

In a time of complexity and confusion, sanitation should be simple. Sanitation 101 involves clean hands.

A sanitation spritzer, PumPuush has the appearance of a sleek wrist band. Aside from its comfortable, lightweight wearability, this product is affordable and simple to use on your hands, as well as commonly touched surfaces both in public and at home. After you fill-up the gadget’s inner chamber, PumPuush is good for more than 100 pumps.

PumPuush offers a straightforward design and peace of mind. You no longer need to buy small bottles of sanitizer. You can use PumPuush as many times as you wish and refill it when you run out of sanitizing liquid! Less plastic means less harm to the environment!

After touching the elevator button, a grimy door handle at the supermarket, or your phone’s touch screen, clean those nasty germs with PumPuush.

The PumPuush backward sliding button activates the inner chamber with one pump, releasing just the right amount of sanitizing mist to rub on both hands from front to back and between fingers.

PumPuush is unisex, suitable for both men and women of any age and the design is breathable with sweat absorption capabilities.

PumPuush is your sanitizer at hand and your companion in the battle against illness.

You can contact us on support Order@pumpuush.com