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Best Features

Pumpuush negates the need for individual small bottles and
also eliminates the hassle of carrying one in your hand or purse.




Awesome Specs

A sanitation spritzer, Pumpuush has the appearance of a sleek wrist
band. Aside from its comfortable, lightweight wearability, this product
is affordable and simple to use on your hands, as well as commonly
touched surfaces both in public and at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need Pumpussh?

Pumpussh is a wearable gadget that you can wear on your wrist and fill with sanitizer. You spray the sanitizing liquid on your hands or any surface you wish. With Pumpussh, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting or carrying bottles of sanitizers. Since your hands are the number one source of bacteria and viruses, Pumpussh will be your companion against germs all time everywhere you go, especially during these challenging times!

How does Pumpussh help the environment?

With Pumpussh, you no longer need to buy a lot of small bottles of sanitizer. You can use Pumpussh as many times as you wish and simply refill it when you run out if sanitizing liquid! Less plastic and less harm to the environment!

Can women and children also wear Pumpussh?

Absolutely! The wristband is adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit perfectly around your wrist. Pumpussh is unisex, appropriate for both men and women. It also looks very stylish.

How to refill the bottle?

Remove the cap from the back side and fill it with any liquid sanitizer and close cap tightly. You will get user mannual and a 20ml refilling bottle with Pumpuush device.

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A smart wearable and portable gadget with a liquid sanitizing dispenser to maintain cleanliness all day.